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John M0UKD on the summit of Helvellyn in the lake district.

I'm John, I live in East London. My main website is I have been using Linux and mainly Debian for about 10 years, although i'm no expert! I used to have a 1U rack server in Redbus, London (Sovereign House) which was mainly a game server, amongst other things. I still own the server, although it has not been switched on for many years! It will still have an old version of Debian Linux on it. This was back in the days before things like VPS and hosting your own dedicated server in a datacentre was quite expensive. These days, you can rent a VPS very cheap, although you do get what you pay for so it's worth doing your research first. I have one in Telehouse East (London), which hosts a few of my own websites, such as

About the Pi

The machine!

There are two things which make it worthwhile using a Raspberry PI as a home server. One is that the Raspberry Pi's are actually quite powerful little machines considering the size and cost. They use a tiny amount of power, and are silent, so 24/7 operation is not a problem. Also, a good home internet connection these days is more than capable of hosting a few things, not that my Pi is too busy!

I originally had the Raspberry Pi B+. When the Raspberry Pi 2 model B came out, I upgraded to that and set up the B+ as a home server (Feb 2015).

I have been upgrading the board each time a new Raspberry Pi comes out, so currently, it's a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 4GB of RAM. Below is a photo of the current board in use.

The machine!

About the network

I have a 80Mb↑ 20Mb↓ Andrews & Arnold connection. The Raspberry Pi is connected to my router via the 1Gbps ethernet port and has the LAN ip

Below is a live graph showing ping response to this server over the last 24 hours from Think Broadband. It is useful for noticing network errors. Click on it for more info.

My Broadband Ping - ping graph

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