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VnStati Network Statistics

I made this page using vnStat and vnStati. It has been monitoring traffic since 7th March 2015
The graphs are updated by Cron once an hour.
I have made a how to here, if you would like to try this yourself.

Network Summary

Traffic statistics on a hourly basis for the last 24 hours

Traffic statistics on a daily basis for the last 30 days

Traffic statistics on a monthly basis for the last 12 months

All time top 10 traffic days

And this is the live output from vnstat:

                      rx      /      tx      /     total    /   estimated
 wlan0: Not enough data available yet.
       Sep '21      1.61 GiB  /    6.01 GiB  /    7.62 GiB
       Oct '21      2.36 GiB  /    8.17 GiB  /   10.53 GiB  /   12.99 GiB
     yesterday     63.61 MiB  /  107.60 MiB  /  171.21 MiB
         today     19.39 MiB  /  537.51 MiB  /  556.90 MiB  /    4.77 GiB


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